Exploring the Sleeping Mind

Lost on a Train to Jealousy

The Dream: “I was on a train and noticed that a woman next to me was wearing my clothes. I told her to give them back. Because I was distracted by waiting to get my clothes back, I missed my stop. I started to panic because the next stop was far away, but then it turned out that my dad was the conductor. He stopped the train, helped me get my luggage, and directed another train going in the opposite direction to take me back to my destination.”

The Analysis: The dreamer is moving through life when she is distracted by feelings of jealousy or comparison, represented by seeing the woman who has taken her clothes. Perhaps she has been passed up for a job, or feels another person has something she wants or deserves, or fears another person has undeservingly outshined her in a certain capacity. She feels these things should be hers, just like the clothes are rightfully hers. Jealousy can easily be taken too far, like it has in this case, and has distracted her from the important things, like getting where she needs to go. Luckily for the dreamer, she has an authoritative figure in her life that will help set her mind right, getting her back on track, and will help her gather and sort through her feelings of jealousy, just like the gathering of the luggage.

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