Exploring the Sleeping Mind

The Value of Dream Analysis

In our hectic lives, it can be difficult to fully accept and even understand our emotions. Feelings such as fear, sadness, and insecurity are crowded out by distractions or replaced by “better,” happier emotions. Our unspoken hopes and desires are silenced by everyday demands on our focus.

Though this may make us think we have succeeded in mastering our consciousness, our subconscious has no desire to put on a happy image on social media, to appear strong in front of others who depend on us, or to avoid certain thoughts to maintain our comfort. Our dreams therefore give us a much less distorted window into our emotional health. Pain, fear, hopes, and desires resurface during sleep, whether we like it or not.

By analyzing our dreams, we can pinpoint different emotions that need addressing–pain we need to process, sadness we need to fully experience, fears we must face, and desires we must chase, in order to live a fuller life, both day and night.

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