Exploring the Sleeping Mind

The Princess and the Tree

The Dream: “There was a princess walking around in a giant tree. I was watching this in the third person but somehow knew the princess was me. The princess kept loosing her footing on the large and sturdy branches, and I slowly realized it was because she was blind, but she was trying to hide it. A prince figured out what was happening and appeared in the tree, holding her hand to keep her from falling again.”

The Background: the dreamer is very independent and single. She says that life is going well.

The Analysis: the setting of a tree tells us that the message of the dream will be on the subject of growth and life. By seeing herself as a princess, the dreamer’s mind is telling us that she is confident and happy. However, the dreamer has a hindrance in her life that is blocking her clarity and could even cause her to fall, as signified by the princess’ blindness. The fact that the dreamer is watching herself from the third person shows that she is looking at herself from a new perspective. She has taken a step back to analyze herself and in doing so, has realized that something has become a hindrance in her life. The princess hides her blindness; the dreamer, as a very independent individual, also hides whatever weakness she has. The dreamer does not give us an indication of what that weakness is, although it is likely she already knows deep down, or else it wouldn’t be manifested in her dreams. She is alone at first, but later receives help from an outside source, the prince. The dreamer’s mind is using this dream to tell her, in a positive and hopeful way, to stop hiding her weaknesses, trust others, and accept help.

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