Exploring the Sleeping Mind

The Ominous Fighter

The Dream: the dreamer was an observer of the dream, unable to interact with it. She saw her boyfriend, standing in her aunt’s living room, alone. It was nighttime, and the lights were dim. He was wearing jeans but no shirt, and his abs were defined like an action movie hero. They didn’t look like that in real life. It was quiet, until a calm but authoritative male voice appeared seemingly out of thin air, asking him, “why is your nose so mangled?” The boyfriend didn’t seem to know anything was wrong with his nose, and the dreamer couldn’t see any injury on him in the dim lighting. The voice continued to press, the way parents question children when they already know the answer. The voice explained to the boyfriend that he had been in a fight.

The Background: the dreamer’s connotations with her aunt’s living room were familiarity; her aunt was close with her so it felt personal. At the time of the dream, the dreamer got along well with her boyfriend, whom she hadn’t known long. He seemed great; the only issue she could think of was he seemed to get angry easily, but it didn’t seem too bad. She was optimistic. The male voice reminded her of a godlike interaction; the voice seemed to know more about the boyfriend than either the dreamer or the boyfriend himself.

The Analysis: based on the dreamer’s connotations with the elements in the dream, it is likely that the living room at a family member’s home represents closeness. Her new boyfriend was drawing nearer emotionally, something she was not accustomed to, having been single for quite a while previously. She felt she was dealing with the unknown, signified by the lack of good lighting and her inability interact with the dream. The fact that her boyfriend was shirtless and muscular may mean multiple things: one, it was a distraction to the dreamer. She was overlooking the important qualities, like temperament, distracted by insignificant details. Two, it shows that she views him as dominant and perhaps intimidating. Three, it could signify that she senses that he is conceited. As a religious person, the voice represents the voice of God. The nose is one of the senses—senses help with discernment, sensing out what’s good and what’s bad. In this case the boyfriend seems to be unaware or in denial of a flaw that that is obvious and is caused by violence. Although the dreamer has not logically placed a finger on her doubts, her subconscious seems to be a step ahead of her. Her subconscious knows that a higher power would recognize that this man not only has issues but that he is unable or unwilling to see them, and her subconscious also knows she does not yet consciously grasp the issues yet either.

This dream is an interesting example of how human intuition can often recognize a situation long before the logical mind can come to the same conclusion. As it turns out, in this example, the dream didn’t fully make sense until long after it happened, when the dreamer watched her relationship unravel as her boyfriend slowly unmasked himself as manipulative, aggressive, and emotionally abusive. She had never expected to see these qualities in him at the time of the dream, but her subconscious was already preparing to handle them.

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