Exploring the Sleeping Mind

The Broken Flag

The Dream: “I was waving a very large flag and was looking up at the flag and a blue sky behind it. The large flag was made up of many smaller flags… I think they were sports team flags and country flags from all over the world… I just remember there was diversity in the flags. I was excited to be waving it and kept waving it faster and faster and then suddenly the wood flag pole snapped. It was a loud snap like a firecracker and the sound and shock woke me up.”

The Analysis: Flags are a representation of a unique, distinct culture or set of ideologies. Just like the flag made up of many smaller flags, the dreamer’s identity is woven together from a unique background of Nigerian, immigrant, American citizen-in-progress, sports fan, world traveler, and business professional, among many others. All of these things are combined to make his unique identity. They are woven together, as if each flag is equally important; as opposed to the common custom of hanging the most “important” flag highest when displaying multiple flags. He stands strong in his identity as he happily waves the flag. There are no clouds in the sky; his mind is clear and optimistic. However, the flag pole snaps and is now divided in two. Something has broken the support of the flag, something that cannot support diversity. When there is racial and cultural tension in society, diversity can become a source of division. Rather than the division coming from within himself–he didn’t break the flag pole–the pole snapped from an external weakness. The dreamer, who is a friend of mine, and I often talk about racial, cultural, and immigration issues when we are together; this dream reflects his observation that division breaks the support of what should make every person happy, proud, and equally beautiful in their unique backgrounds and identities.

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