Exploring the Sleeping Mind

Next Stop: The Lion’s Den

The Dream: I was on a subway, alone, going to my destination. I was distracted working on something that I can’t remember now. I couldn’t see out the windows. I was nervous because I knew I had to finish my work but didn’t want to get so distracted I’d miss my stop. I knew the subway was moving through a territory where lions roamed, so I didn’t want to get off on the wrong stop and end up surrounded by lions instead of at my desired destination.

The Analysis: Moving along the subway tracks, I am moving through life. The destination is my life goals—more specifically, my career goals. I recently quit my office job to focus on my own businesses, which is a lonely venture, represented by the fact that the rest of the car is empty. It is very busy, and I feel like I never get through my to-do list. There is constantly a growing list in the back of my mind that threatens to overwhelm me, expressed through the task I have at hand in the subway that is pressing, stressful, and distracting. Without proper time management, it could drown out my joy and even my effectiveness in running my own business, just like in the dream where the task could make me miss my correct stop. I wrote here before about how lions have been a recurring element in my dreams since my childhood. The level of control they exert over me seems to reflect the level of empowerment I feel in my life at the time. In this case the lions once again represent my fears, even though I never see them in the dream. The lions are the numerous fears I have about running my business, constantly roaming around in the back of my mind—fears of failure, embarrassment, missteps, financial ruin. At this point, none of these fears have begun to pose any real threat, just like in the dream, if I pay attention and get off at the right stop, I will never come face to face with the lions. Moving along toward my destination, I can’t even see the lions out the windows, so I shouldn’t let my unformed fears control my mind. This dream is my mind working through the balance, focus, and control I need to find in my career in order to achieve my goals.

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