Exploring the Sleeping Mind

A New Blogger’s Dream

The Dream: I was in a hotel shower when I heard a noise and stepped out into the main room. A woman had casually walked in the door, so I yelled at her that this was my room. She walked out without saying anything, still seemingly unaware that I didn’t want people just walking in my hotel room. I got back in the shower, and realized right on the other side of the bathroom window was a bench. A man and a woman were sitting on it and the man was facing the window. He could see right in the shower, so I pushed shampoo and soap bottles up against the window to block his view, but they weren’t big enough to block his sight.

The Background: I had this dream about a week after starting this blog.

The Analysis: I have been self-conscious about starting this blog and putting my ideas out for anyone to read. This dream was my mind playing out its feelings of being exposed and vulnerable. A bedroom and a shower are very personal places, just like the corners of my mind where I ponder the thoughts that I’m now expanding on here on ID. The woman walked in casually, normally, not like an intruder, because a blog reader is totally normal and expected. Blogging is completely new territory for me, which could explain why the dream took place in a hotel room rather than my own room at home.

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