Exploring the Sleeping Mind

Moving Up

The Dream: “I was in an elevator with the owner and a partner of the company I work for. We were going up to the 176th floor, but the building was swaying so much I was scared.”

The Analysis: The dreamer’s relationship with the other two people in the dream is restricted to work, so this dream is likely her brain processing feelings about a situation at work. The elevator moving up as well as the presence of company leadership represent her actual or aspired move upward in her career. Rather than moving up a busy escalator surrounded by windows, for example, an elevator is a small, enclosed place. She is likely feeling uniquely empowered to move up in the company; she is not competing with other employees in her move upward, and there is nothing around to distract her two senior colleagues from whatever she may wish to say. The presence of a number in a dream can mean many things–at times a number is symbolic; other times the number may just be random.  I often check the Wikipedia page of certain numbers to remind myself of any connotations it may have. Nothing stands out to me for the number 176, but it is possible that the dreamer has a personal connotation with this number that only she can figure out. Although the dreamer is moving up and has visibility to senior leadership in her career, the building is swaying as she moves up. This represents the unsure foundation of her move up. She is insecure of some aspect of her progress, either due to personal or external constraints, and if she addresses her insecurities during her waking hours, these types of dreams will likely fade.

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