Exploring the Sleeping Mind

Lost Lashes

The Dream: “All the lashes on my left eye fell off at once when I was washing off my makeup. Later in the same night, I dreamed that my big toenail on my left foot fell off, but then I saw that underneath it was a whole new toenail. At first my nails weren’t painted, but the new toenail underneath was already painted with pink nail polish.”

The Background: Because both these dreams involve losing something, I asked the dreamer if she has recently lost something. She says that a few weeks ago, a man she had been dating moved away. They were never serious, but she was still sad to lose him because she says they had fun together. She says she is right handed.

The Analysis: The loss of her nail and eyelashes reflect the loss of the man in her life. She wears mascara and paints her toes; these are things that make her feel pretty and confident. Similarly, she says her relationship with the man who moved was happy and made her feel good about herself. Losing eyelashes, just like losing a relationship, can shake a person’s confidence. She says she never took the relationship seriously because she knew he was moving; in the same way, painted toes and long eyelashes can also be considered trivial. Both events occurred on the left side, but she is right handed, so this could reflect something that is secondary in her life. Finally, neither of these are vital body parts. She didn’t dream about losing her left arm or leg; although she is sad to lose him, she is not devastated. This is further reflected by the fact that she immediately had a replacement toenail. She knows there is something next, and something possibly even better, represented by the pink nail polish. She may be sad, and losing a romantic relationship can make us feel insecure for a moment, but her mind is optimistic. Nails and toes grow back.

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