Exploring the Sleeping Mind

Limitless Power

The Dream: while still asleep, the dreamer felt that she had woken up, in her bed, everything as it should be. It was completely dark so she reached for the lamp, but it wouldn’t turn on. She got up quickly to cross the room and hit the light switch, but that didn’t work either. Getting nervous, she walked into her living room where suddenly a light bulb on the counter began to flicker, then another, and another. Light bulbs began illuminating and flickering all around room, seemingly suspended in air. They glowed with blue, green, and purple light, and none of them were connected to any source of power. There were dozens if not hundreds of light bulbs, flickering as they surged with extra power, some of them piled up in a bowl on the table, filling the room with a soft glow. There was so much power she felt it surge through her own body and made her ears and hands buzz with energy. She stood in awe, half scared, half mesmerized.

The Background: the dreamer was at a point in her life where she was listless at her daytime office job and fantasized daily about quitting to follow her dream job of opening her own business, which she had planned out but hadn’t yet acted upon out of fear of the unknown.

The Analysis: the darkness and power outage create a feeling of helplessness along with a lack of vision and strength. This is exactly how the dreamer had begun to feel at her day job: burnt out, with no clear path ahead. The lights represent the opposite: power, illumination. This is her dream job. She feels excited and energized when she plans her dream job. However, her dream job feels out of reach to her; it feels unknown and even impractical. This is portrayed by the fact that the lights are not traditional bulbs because they require no power source. The fact that the lights were multicolored reflect the uniqueness of the business she was planning in comparison with the typical office job she wanted to leave. Traditional light bulbs represent the 9 to 5 in this case. However, despite the lack of power source, the dreamer sees light and even feels the power. This signifies her excitement, encouragement, and optimism. Her subconscious believes that even if she steps away from the known into the unknown, she will eventually find her own light, power, and guidance.

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