Exploring the Sleeping Mind

Chasing Murderers

The Dream: “I was sitting in an SUV with friends. It had a TV and we were watching CNN. There was a breaking news story of a rampage at a funeral procession. A group of all males had attacked the funeral, shooting everyone in the procession and chopping up the flowers. I was in shock watching it. We drove to a dive bar I was told was the attackers’ place to hang out. I went inside. I was alone now. I went down one floor and there was a restroom so I went in to mentally prepare myself. A group of women were in the bathroom changing clothes and fixing their hair. They didn’t seem to be associated with the attackers but they all seemed nervous. They just stared at me with big eyes. As I walked out a man approached me aggressively, but I shoved past him and continued to the stairs and down one more floor. I suddenly realized I had pink flower leis around my neck that hadn’t been there before. I got to the bottom floor, underground, where the attackers were inside a room playing blackjack with a bodyguard outside. I approached him to ask what was going on inside the room but then woke up.”

The Background: the dreamer is female. She drives a small car, not an SUV. She says the dream was not a nightmare to her, but rather she walked through it like it was just another day at work.

The Analysis: although there are many exceptions, the sleeping mind often associates being in a vehicle with progressing down the path of life. Since the dreamer doesn’t actually drive an SUV, her mind must have expressed itself through that object for a different reason than just habit. An SUV is functional, used for action. This dream will be about a purposeful and determined action to be taken in the dreamer’s life.

The dreamer watches a horrific act on TV. She is likely trying to reconcile witnessing horrific events in her waking life: she sees humans treating each other with hatred in some form and grasps the devastating effects of it. It may be a friend who’s been hurt, or it may be that she is dismayed at the pain within humanity in general. Chopping up the flowers shows that she thinks this destruction in her waking life is senseless, as opposed to for a reason like protection or survival. At first she is a silent observer; later she tracks down the murderers. Her subconscious mind is portraying her desire or ability to become a leader. Going from being with friends to being alone signifies her recognition that taking action for change can be a lonely cause. Moving downstairs in the building, she is descending fully into her cause, dedicating herself to it, whatever cause that may be. The murderers as well as the aggressive stranger were all male. It is likely the dreamer has felt attacked, either literally or figuratively, by males in the past, so her brain associates them intuitively with aggression. The restroom is a place to pause and get away, to gather oneself—a reflective time in the dreamer’s life. She has time to prepare. The other women in the restroom stare at her with fright—she feels alone in her leadership, seeing others as being too frightened and complacent to bring about change in the world. They are females to draw a mental separation between them and the attackers—these are people the dreamer observes who are not hurting others but also aren’t helping the problem. Leis are a symbol of welcome and joy; her subconscious is expressing the belief that her life conviction is blessed, even exciting, and therefore not hopeless. The bodyguard is a roadblock in her mission that she will not allow to stop her. The fact that the murderers are gambling further indicates the dreamer’s disgust toward those causing pain to others—it is all a game to them, all about money, and she views them as criminals.

In short, the dreamer is in a powerful place mentally. Her mind is expressing its dismay at human suffering around her, her compassion, and her courage to take action and create change, even if she is alone in her cause and up against a senselessly evil enemy.

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