Exploring the Sleeping Mind

A Polar Bear’s Advances

The Dream: “A big, fluffy polar bear was walking toward me, apparently wanting to give me a hug. I felt confused and just stood there.”

The Background: the dreamer’s connotations with a polar bear are slight amusement, but also confusion and fear. Are polar bears dangerous or are they cute? A hug seems like a welcoming, loving gesture, but offered by a polar bear, the dreamer feels that he should be suspicious.

The Analysis: to break these images down into their most abstract terms, in this dream we have an advancement being made towards the dreamer by something with apparently good intentions, where the dreamer feels unsure of whether to trust those intentions. As it turns out by further reflection, the dreamer was raised in a Christian family but had recently been questioning the beliefs placed upon him as something that have restrained him and harmed him rather than enriched his life. The polar bear therefore likely represents his family, believing they are acting out of love, moving towards their wayward brother to draw him back in with an embrace. The dreamer’s reactions to a polar bear’s advances mimic his conscious reactions to his family’s entreaties. He is unsure whether faith is harmful or helpful to him and therefore stalls in action.

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